Edible Plates

Creating Food Packaging You Will Love


It was First Friday Abbott Kinney in Venice on May 3, 2013. KT, Keith and I were in line for Kogi food truck. The line was looong… And we were wise to first buy some food from another truck with almost no line, so thaKogi Food Truck Linet we were not starving. I finished that other truck’s snack and had a plastic plate in my hand. For some reason I didn’t want to throw it away, as I thought I could re-use it. I held it in front of me and suddenly the thought came to me: “I want to eat my plate”. Partially because I was still hungry and partially because I felt bad about that plastic plate polluting somewhere down the line – our ocean or land :(

And that is how the idea of edible plates “Made to Eat” was born. I did more research, interviewed some food truck owners, spoke to Josephine Miller at the Sustainability Department, City of Santa Monica, and several investors, and even applied to StartupChile with this business idea.

Soon edible containers will be everywhere. And you’ll know why and how!

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